Play Up PV24

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection begins a new series of collections where we propose to create art with our textile waste. With this new form of expression we want to give life to material that is considered “waste”, transforming it into a resource to be reintroduced into our industrial circuit.

Available from 0M to 10 Years.

Mini 0 to 12 Months;

Baby 3 to 36 Months;

Kids 3 to 10 Years;

We chose the name “Embracing Circularity” for this new series because it perfectly reflects our vision. Guided by the principles of the Circular Economy, we create quality products with the efficient use of resources, increasing their longevity, and reducing our waste in mind. With a commitment to regenerating Mother Nature, we want to contribute to the objectives of sustainable development, benefiting the environment, business and society.

Textile art is the inspirational theme for chapter I and Vanessa Barragão is our guest artist. Graduated in fashion design, Vanessa applies artisanal techniques and uses only waste from Portuguese textile factories in her creations inspired by the bottom of the sea.