Pipinhas e Cia Club

Join Clube Pipinhas e Cia and get immediate discounts and credits accumulated on your card (for you and your friends)*!

* At the Club, on each purchase you receive an immediate 5% discount + 5% on your card to deduct on future purchases.

Furthermore, at the Club the special conditions can be passed on to your friends and family: share our online store using the Clube Pipinhas e Cia icon (below left) and your 5% discount will be passed on to anyone who follows the link in your sharing. You also receive 5% by card on purchases made by your friends.

Are you already part of the Club? Make sure you enter your email in the widget (the "little hand" at the bottom left) and all your discounts and benefits are automatically applied at checkout.

See this video (50 seconds!) how to do it.

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