Clube Pipinhas e Cia - frequently asked questions

How do I know the value of my outstanding credits?

Every 14 days we send you a summary of your shares' orders as well as the credit you have accumulated. If you would like to know this information in advance, write to us at and we will try to provide you with this information.

I know a friend made a purchase but I haven't received the credit yet. Why?

Pipinhas e Cia has a policy of 100% customer satisfaction. We give 14 days to exchange or return orders and, in this case, a refund may take a few more days. This is why we have established a rule of granting credits only 28 days after payment for each order to ensure that your friend is fully satisfied with their purchase.

​Can I use my credits in physical stores or markets?

Your credits are for exclusive use in online store.

Can I exchange my credits for cash?

No. At this time, all accumulated credits can only be used for purchases .

How can I use my accumulated credits?

Simply enter our online store, click on the Clube Pipinhas e Cia icon (the hand with the indicator in the bottom right corner) to ensure you have your email address entered and shop as usual. Your discount code with the value of your credits is automatically applied at checkout

Have more questions? Write to us at , we are here to help you.