Clube Pipinhas e Cia - Terms and conditions

Summary in understandable language ;-)
Clube Pipinhas e Cia is our loyalty program that allows our customers to obtain a small immediate discount on all their purchases (5%) and a credit for future purchases (also 5%).
At Clube Pipinhas e Cia we want you to share your special conditions: the 5% discount is transferable to friends and family and the 5% credit applies to you on your purchases and on purchases made by friends and family who come through you.
For example, if you make a purchase worth €100, you pay only €95 and accumulate €4.75 in credits for a future purchase.
If a friend or family member who comes through you makes a purchase of €100, she pays 95% and you accumulate €4.75 for the purchase made by your friend or family member.

And now all the details:

A. How to accumulate credits

  1. Members of Clube Pipinhas e Cia accumulate credits in 2 ways: when they make purchases for themselves (immediate discount + credits) and when friends and family make purchases using links generated by the Clube Pipinhas e Cia member (immediate discount for their friend /family member + credits for the member of Clube Pipinhas e Cia).

  2. The value of the discount and credits is calculated excluding shipping costs.
  3. If the order(s) are canceled and their value is fully or partially refunded, the refunded amount is deducted from the credits accumulated by the Clube Pipinhas e Cia member.

  4. The accumulated value of all credits is made available 28 days after each purchase. This time is necessary to ensure that all returns and refunds are taken into account.

  5. For credits to be attributed correctly, the purchase must be made in the same browser and on the same device on which the link was followed.

  6. Pipinhas e Coa reserves the right to cancel this campaign at any time without prior notice. All credits accumulated up to this point will be made available to the member of Clube Pipinhas e Cia.

B. How to use your credits

  1. Each member has a personal discount code that is automatically updated as the value of credits accumulated according to orders placed by them and their friends and family.

  2. The credits obtained can be used exclusively in the online store, they have no expiration date and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  3. The personal discount code is automatically applied at checkout. For it to work correctly, you must use the same email/phone number that you used to register at Clube Pipinhas e Cia at checkout.

  4. If the member uses only part of the accumulated credit (e.g.: the value of their credit is greater than the value of their purchase), the remaining balance will be available for another future purchase.

C. Privacy Policy

  1. By joining Clube Pipinhas e Cia you are joining the Pipinhas e Cia mailing list and authorizing us to contact you in relation to the program (for example, to send you a summary of the credits you have). You may also receive emails from us about new product launches and special promotions. Under no circumstances will we use or share your contacts and personal information for any purposes other than those strictly necessary for the management of the Clube Pipinhas e Cia program.

  2. Clube Pipinhas e Cia is managed for Pipinhas e Cia by VSV Sales , a third party entity based in the EU. VSV Sales is subject to this privacy policy and all legal provisions in force in the EU.