Sophie la Girafe Original
Sophie la Girafe Original
Sophie la Girafe

Sophie la Girafe Original

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Sophie the giraffe will be your baby's first toy and will help him develop his senses.

Hearing: The sounds that Sophie the giraffe makes when squeezed entertain the baby, stimulate their hearing and teach the baby the cause-effect relationship.

Touch: As soft as mom's skin, it stimulates physiological and emotional responses that soothe the baby and promote well-being and healthy growth. Its shape and 18 centimeters are ideal for baby's small hands. Its long paws and neck allow the baby to easily grab the toy.

Vision: In the first months of life, a baby's vision is limited and can only differentiate between large contrasts. Sophie the giraffe, thanks to its dark spots all over its body, attracts the baby's gaze, thus becoming a familiar object that reassures the baby by easily recognizing it.

Taste: Composed of 100% natural rubber from the hevea tree and food dye, it is safe for babies. Its soft, chewable texture, as well as the parts suitable for babies to bite on (ears, neck, legs) are perfect for relieving baby's gums when their teeth begin to emerge.

Smell: The aroma of natural rubber extracted from the hevea tree gives it a real particularity and makes Sophie the giraffe easily identified by the baby, even among all the other toys.

Sophie the giraffe is light and easy for little hands to hold. Its long paws are ideal for reaching baby's molars.

Age: 0M+

ATTENTION! Do not sterilize. We recommend cleaning the surface of Sophie la girafe with soap and water and a damp cloth.

Composition: Hevea (100%).